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Comparing price and quality of Alfalfa Blend vs. Grass Hay

Understanding What You Are BuyingOn the buyer's end...

You, as the hay buyer, are seeking the most cost effective way to provide the nutrition you animals need to keep them healthy and happy.

You have two choices:
1. Cheap hay plus costly grain and manufactured Mineral Supplements.
2. Quality hay.

The higher the RFV and trace mineral content of your hay, the less grain and supplements you will need to buy. And, because horses and cows are ruminants, they do much better on the digestible fiber, naturally sequestered minerals and nutrients, and plant-based proteins found in quality hay.

Quick Math:
71 RFV / $3.50 bale = 20.2 RFV's / $1
154 RFV / $5.00 bale = 30.8 RFV's / $1

Over 50% more nutritional value for the same money.

Also, notice in the two analyses above: The protein content in the $5 bale is triple that of the $3.50 bale, and the Calcium (CA) is 2.5 times as much.

So...if you truly understand hay, you can keep you animals healthy and spend your hard earned money wisely!!!