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Types of HayGrass Hay

Good Grass Hay consists of a single variety of forage grass or a blend of several varieties of forage-grasses. Historically, many grass hays actually consist of "whatever" was growing on a field, and thus were of low nutritional value and cost. At our farm, we don't enjoy growing and harvesting "whatever" and trying to convince the buyer of its value.

Our grass hays are made from fields specifically planted with custom blends of modern forage grasses. Typically we feature one primary grass in a mixture, such as orchard grass or timothy. Small quantities of supplemental grasses or legumes are usually blended into the mixture to help bring strong traits they offer into the crop.

We constantly are tweaking our new seedings to create pallatable, nutrition-specific hays that meet the needs of our customers.

Grass Bales
Karl has selected his favorite bale from this batch.
Time to renew
Although a decent field, when it doesn't meet our standards , its time to replant.