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Questions to Ask SellerWhat is your fertilizer program?

Growing hay - of any type - removes more nutrients from the soil than virtually any other crop grown. Potassium, phosphorous, calcium, and other trace minerals are vital nutrients to healthy hay...and that same hay ends up providing the useable nutritional building blocks for your animals.

A good grower will have a very detailed raw nutrient program. It is the most expensive segment of hay production. And it is the most important ingredient in quality hay. He will openly share current market prices for Potash and Phosphorus.

A simple enlightenment: to produce quality hay, fertilizer costs the grower about 10 times what fuel does. In the past two years, fertilzer has cost between $1.05 and $1.50 per bale.....and fuel has been between $.07 and $.12 per bale.

So if the grower you are talking to complains about fuel prices rather than about fertilizer goes his true understanding of the crop. Every year the hay you buy from him will likely be of lower and lower nutritional value.