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Typical Seeding at Beagle Hill Farms - Fall 2009
Quality Seeds, Proper Equipment - Attention to the small details pays off.

Questions to Ask SellerWhen was it planted?

This question will separate the good from the others right away. Beware of answers that start off with "I think around... or About...". This would probably be followed by an exagerated year. The truth is, Grandpa probably planted it right after he got back from the war (probably WWII). Good growers have good records.

Alfalfa seedings have a useful life of around 5-7 years (assuming top quality seed was used)

Grasses will hang on a little longer, sometimes reaching 8-10 years.

Most importantly, as time goes by, "foreign" seeds enter the field. In Ohio, volunteer fescues and orchardgrass will eventually invade most any field. So the older the seeding, the less likely you are getting what was planted.

Proper Seedbed Preparation
Again - attention to the little details.